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Provider Information

Provider Information
Phyicians and Allied Health Professionals can engage Rising Suns Non-Profit Pharmacy services by contacting the office by telephone.

The Rising Suns Non-Profit Pharmacy Formulary is available to the right. It is updated 12-22 times a year, depending upon supply.

The intake process consists of a document that the patient needs to fill out to determine eligibility.

Eligibility are typically households at or below 200% of the 2020 Federal Poverty Line, as outlined below. 

Note that only patients in Athens, Morgan, Washington, Perry, Meigs, Hocking, and Vinton county are eligible at this time for services. 

Services include mail-order pharmaceutical product fulfillment, delivery, and in-person pick-up.

Please feel free to call the Rising Suns Non-Profit Pharmacy if you need assistance and we will do everything we can to help you. 

Persons in Family (Household Size) Poverty Guideline
1 $12,760.00
3 $21,720.00
4 $26,200.00
5 $30,680.00
6 $35,160.00
7 $39,640.00
8 $44,120.00
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,480 for each additional person.  
Educational Materials
Patient educational materials and instructions are available. We have enrollment specialists available by phone to assist patients with the enrollment process.

The following materials are required for enrollment:

  • Government-issued Identification
  • Most recent Tax Return, if filed
  • Enrollment Application

For individuals needing more assistance, information can be taken over the phone or in-person, by appointment, by calling our offices.

Physician Notification
Please be aware that a number of medications in each of the major classes of medication are available. However, a consistent formular for the uninsured is what our goal is to provide to health professionals in the service area.

Formulary Data
Available Medications

Download Formulary List by clicking here

Enrollment Infomration
Enrollment can be done: